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1952 Chevy 1/2 ton Reproduction Ice Cream truck.

The restoration started back in 2012 took three years. We built the truck from ground up, rust free and original metal except for the fiberglass freezer box. Use a 1/2 hp Tecumseh refrigeration compressor 110 volt Located behind rear Axle . Holds a lot of Ice Cream and can keep it cold 10 to 16 hours before it needs recharging. We installed a Honeywell 110 fan in the freezer box runs off the inverter this helps keep the temp inside more evenly when opening and closing the door. Or you can keep it plug in on a 110 wall outlet and run it all day. Truck is license and insured with current registration tags has a Nevada title. The truck has spent most of its life in Nevada. That’s why the body was solid and only surface rust. The Freezer box inside is about 63 inches long and 33 inches wide and 33 inches high

The lights work , Turn signals, brake Lights, License plate light works. Turn the key and push the Foot Starter. I wired the Truck on two charging systems, isolator regulates the two separate batteries. The one battery for the starter and lights and the other for the Fan and freezer box lights.

Paint is good there is some light scratches around the truck right rear fender and around the door very small. I used two stage paint and comes with a quart for repair and matching color.

Comes with a New good humor Umbrella. The Engine is a Inline Six 235 W/ 4 Speed I`ve rebuilt most of the trucks parts except rebuilding the steering gear box it was still in great shape. The truck has almost 15,000 miles on it. Doesn’t smoke, some oil drips on the floor. Handles heat really well 185 on temp all day in the summer. It does have a pusher fan on the radiator front to help when driving up the mountain in the summer time. I drove on the freeway about 55 to 60 mph tops. I stay on surface streets mostly drive around 40. It drives like an old truck , but with new parts.

The freezer box works good. about every couple of months you should defrost the inside the cold plates build up ice. There`s a drain hole in the back. It’s important to keep the coils clean sense air moves over them. Also I found out the outside temperature around truck when charging the cold plates the air has to be cooler for it to work really well. My garage gets hot inside so I installed a air conditioner keep air in the garage around 60 degrees in the summer months ,don’t want to blow hot air over the coils the colder the better it works in charging the cold plates. This time of year I Leave the bottom of garage open a foot it lets in cool air to circulate the truck and coils also I use a Box fan to blow more air around the coils. You can regulate temperature control on drivers side of compressor to shutoff and automatic turn on when the temp rises inside the box so when temp inside the box the compressor will shut down and turn back on after thirty minutes or so.

1953 Ice Cream Truck in the finishing stages of a frame off restoration Call Jamey for more info at 801-266-9199

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